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DigiThings: 2 PowerPoint

I’ve just set out on the second part of DigiThings: to create a PowerPoint project but share it as a video on YouTube. However, it seems like a good point to take a break and make some commentary already. Why? Well I want to use some images in my project. I have the original item I want to use photographs of, I know where photographs exist of identical items online, but my quandary is this. Can I use the images I know already exist online? There are no reuse details available on these images, and although there are various conditions on use under copyright relating to use in the class or inclusion in student work I’m not going to assume they apply to my blogging or making videos. So, for me it’s a case of taking my own photographs tonight and coming back to the project tomorrow. Lucky I have the original items to photograph I guess or I’d be out there trying to find licensed images or to seek approval of use for those I have seen on other sites. This is quite a complex problem with publishing online. It is not OK to just lift material belonging to others unless specifically allowed to do so. As we move from the closed classroom environment to ever more open online teaching avoiding falling foul of the law is an important skill to develop. My advice would be, don’t assume, check.

Cheers for now 🙂


January 21, 2014 - Posted by | Digital Skills

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