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Hello DigiThings people :)

I was lucky enough to have a WordPress blog already set up from a previous and fruitless foray into blogging. I’ve cleaned out the one and only ‘test’ post. It’s all ready for the course now. My tip would be to resist the urge to create blogs for everything that comes to mind. You’ll end up forgetting they are there, or as I am doing today, at some stage you’ll need to have a clean up.

Having a digital identity is something I’ve just accumulated whilst being online since the 1990s. Both my work and my leisure activities have involved using the Internet for nearly two decades. In that time I have added and lost elements of my digital identity along the way. Some of the presence on the Internet or World Wide Web I created early on might still be out there but I have lost track of it all over the years. I feel I have one digital identity for both work and leisure as it is representative of who I am. Whilst some feel that an identity online can be a route into being someone different from their day to day persona I have always found that I am more comfortable behaving in the digital world just as I do out here in the physical.

I would benefit from keeping a blog that records and reflects on my professional practice. It would provide a solid foundation for evidencing accreditation routes I might undertake. It might also provide a useful working resource to note ideas and plans. I think my major downfall is likely to be integrating blogging into a working practice I can sustain. I can see the benefits of blogging but also I have issues with recording and reflecting habitually.

I’d be interested in some suggestions for how I can successfully integrate blogging into my practice. Perhaps an end of day reflective post would begin the process of creating workflows that include blogging. We’ll see.


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  1. I would extend your warning about creating too many blogs to social media accounts – I have no idea how many I belong to! However, it’s all in the name of research so I’ve kept an eye on (attempting) to develop a professional identity.

    …And, although I’m very aware I’m working in my own time, I find I can only blog at home in the evenings as it’s natural ‘down-time’ and my best ‘thinking/ writing’ time. Perhaps there should be a review of work practices? ;o)

    Comment by Flea | January 14, 2014 | Reply

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